Airport Faux-Pas: Get the Bag-Checking Smarts

You always expect and want, to be reunited with your luggage at the end of your flight so that you can continue on your onward journey without any hassle, but there are many pitfalls and faux-pas that can stifle your expectations and help ensure that things don’t go to plan, no matter how careful you are.

Here is a look at some of the mainly avoidable issues and actions that could result in a simple case of bag-checking procedure turning into a bit of a nightmare.

Airport Faux-Pas

Bling and baggage don’t mix

It is still incredible to discover just how many travelers still haven’t heeded the warnings about not packing valuables in their checked bag.

The list of every year is astonishing and regularly features expensive jewelry, high-end cameras, iPad’s and no end of valuable and personal items that you wouldn’t want to lose but somehow trust to travel separately from you in the hold of a plane.

The simple rule to follow is,  don’t put anything of value in your checked bag and nothing that you couldn’t bear to be parted from because bags and their contents get lost or stolen on a regular basis.

When you check into a hotel like the you want to be able to put your valuables in the safe so don’t risk losing them in transit.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

Another simple tip to follow which should improve your odds of keeping your luggage in the right place is to check in as early as possible.

Arriving at the last minute just before the flight closes will increase the chances of your luggage missing the cut-off time imposed by baggage handlers to get everything on the plane.

If you arrive with minutes to spare there is always the chance that your baggage won’t make the flight, even if you do.

Keep on the right side of the TSA list

If you breach the list of prohibited items and include one of these items in your checked luggage you run the risk of that bag being held or even destroyed if there are security concerns about the contents.

Always be mindful of the and make sure that any questionable items are packed in your carry-on and can be inspected.

Another good way of avoiding an issue with your checked luggage and risking damage to it would be to use a TSA-Approved lock.

Security officers are able to open these locks with a master key, so advertise the lock on the label so that it can be opened and closed if it needs to be inspected without the lock needing to be broken.

Be prepared

When you are traveling it is always a good idea to anticipate that something could go wrong and you might end up not being reunited with your checked luggage when the plane touches down again.

Pack a set of clothes that you can use in an emergency situation so that you have something to fall back on in your carry-on, or just wear a few extra layers like a hoodie, so that you won’t get too cold if you are hanging around the airport trying to sort out where your luggage has gone.