Travel Advisory issued for South Dakota Residents

In light of the recent bad weather conditions which can potentially put travelers in a dangerous situation, authorities have closed down Interstate 90 and Rapid City at certain sections.

Those going eastwards from Interstate 90 have been advised to be in Rapid City to accommodate themselves, whereas those heading west are told to be in Mitchell or Sioux Falls as currently there are limited places to stay in Chamberlain.

The authorities state that white-out conditions and negligible visibility, combined with the drifting snow and roads covered with ice pose a grave danger to travel in certain areas. The situation is expected to worsen over the next few hours. Wind speed is expected to cross 40 mph throughout South Dakota for most of Wednesday. Accordingly, till the conditions are safe for travel, the closed portions of the road will not be opened up for traffic. Even the maintenance activities undertaken by crew will be affected.

South Dakota

They additionally request travelers to keep a look out for the weather and expect disruptions in travel plans. Those who absolutely must head out have been advised certain recommended measures to take, such as:

  • Do not travel without putting your seat belt on.
  • Avoid traveling at night. Even during the daytime, keep headlights on so that you are noticeable in low visibility.
  • Do not take roads which are less frequented.
  • Let your near and dear ones know about your expected travel.
  • Have a survival kit in the car to help you get out of a distress situation. Ideally include some winter wear, matches, water, a shovel, blankets, energy bars, a distress flag and a flashlight.
  • Keep a charged cell phone handy but do not excessively depend on it as a means to get out of trouble.
  • If at all stuck, be inside the vehicle. Do not desert it, and for 10 minutes, run the engine and heater every hour that you are inside.