Holiday Prices Drop Because of ISIS Terror Attacks

Turkey and Paris are seeing a big drop in the number of tourists because of recent terrorist attacks. The effect is visible in other European countries as well. Rome has also taken a big hit in the number of tourists. For example, St. Peter’s is a popular tourist destination in Rome which has seen a decline in footfall. Tourists visiting Paris often used to come with dreams of having cheese and wine below the Eiffel Tower. Those visiting Turkey would want to enjoy the magnificent architecture and delight their taste buds with local dishes.

The recent attacks have naturally led to the demand falling, as a result of which prices too have fallen. The Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, for example, now bears a deserted look in its resorts because last month, a Russian passenger jet was allegedly bombed down there.

Holiday Prices Drop Because of ISIS Terror Attacks

As far as tourists visiting Turkey are concerned, German tourists are the highest, followed by Russians. Last year there were close to 4.5 million Russian tourists in Turkey. However, after the recent downing of a Russian fighter aircraft by Turkey, the Russian foreign ministry has issued a warning against traveling. As a consequence, travel agencies in Russia stopped selling their Turkey tours. In fact, discussions are also going on about restrictions on air travel between these two nations.

In November, Paris was victim of an ISIS terror attack. 130 lives were lost in what is believed to be a set of carefully planned attacks. It is reported that ticket sales to the Louvre have falled by as much as 30 percent.

As far as Rome is concerned, hotels there are luring tourists with a 20 percent discount in order to get bookings. In November itself, the US embassy in Rome issued warnings to American citizens, stating that famous attractions such as St. Peter’s Basilica could likely be at the receiving end of a terrorist attack.