Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Europe is a majestic continent filled with breath-taking and beautiful scenes that everyone wants to visit and encounter. There are destinations in this continent that is perfect for couples enjoying their honeymoon. Here are some of the top destinations.


Bulgaria is a country filled with picturesque scenes that honeymooning couples will surely love. The country offers luxurious accommodations at affordable prices and booking for a trip is hassle free. In addition, couples will experience traditional Bulgarian culture with the taste of incredible meals and beverages finely produced in Eastern Europe. The charm of this country will indeed leave a memorable mark to couples.

Honeymoon Destinations in Europe


If honeymooning couples opt for an island paradise, Cyprus should be one in their list. This legendary island country is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Couples are offered with year-round sunshine, tempting beaches and historical sites. This perfect blend of ancient and modern gives an impression to visiting couples of the unchanging way of life within the island.


Iceland is definitely a destination for honeymoon. This island country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offers stunning scenery from volcanic craters, lava flows, hot springs and beautiful waterfalls. Couples can have so many activities such as swimming in geothermal pools,  or go whale watching. Its capital city also offers destinations worth visiting.


Combine French, Italian and German influences and what you get? Switzerland, a land locked country along the mountain Alps that offers a unique culture and amazing cuisine that couples will surely love. In addition, the capital of Switzerland, Zurich, offers restaurants and resorts that couples can enjoy.

These are some ideal honeymoon destinations in Europe that couples should visit and explore.