Venice: A Perfect Scene for Europe Travel

One of the most visited places in Europe is Venice. It has been made famous because of its Grand Canal, but more of it, is its beautiful setting, architecture and artworks. Venice is also visited by people not only because of its art, uniqueness and beauty but also its rich historical and musical heritage. The rich Venetian is showcased and presented during festivals like Venice Biennale and the Venice Film Festival. This became the major attraction because of its marvellous theatrical, artistic, cultural, cinematic and musical productions. During international conferences, the centre of attraction is of course the revived and undying Carnival of Venice.

To name a few tourist attractions in Venice, there are St. Marks Basilica, Piazza San Marco, and the luxurious Lido di Venezia which is visited by actors, critics, celebrities and other people belonging to the cinematic industry. The Grand Canal in Venice is known as the busiest waterways. The waterway with a shape of letter S, starts at St. Marks Basilica and streams towards Santa Chiara Church. You would need to ride a water taxi to be able to go around the city and enjoy the magnificent sculpture buildings along the way.

Venice Europe Travel

Venetian people are artistic themselves. Everywhere you can see people who are dancing singing and dressed-up artistically. The 18th-century cellos are still very alive in Venice and still play the punk-rock bravado. When you visit their pub-restaurants which they call osterie, you will see harpsichordist, sushi chefs, and dreamers come and joining all together which creates a very natural, romantic, artistic scene.

Venice is also a city of fashion. Venetian all have their own choices which makes them beautifully unique in every way. Venetians are flooding its bohemian-chic fashion that is why it has been the fashionable centre for the rich and famous and also known as the fashionable city in Vogue.

Venice is well-known for its elegant decay. Tourists which take on cruise ships use Giudecca Canal is causing the city to sink. That is why establishments in Venice are priced high. So if you want to travel to Europe, hop on the City of Venice to witness its artistic, musical and romantic city before time runs out.