Italy – A must visit country in Europe

If you are thinking about touring one country in Europe, then I would definitely recommend that Italy be that country. Italy is a try a destination of senses for the average traveller. A trip to Italy will connect with man’s many passions of life, from eating authentically made Chianti and pasta to browsing at the streets of high fashion in Milan and Rome to the beautiful history and architecture of Florence.

You can cover Italy in as little as a 5 days to a week but to truly get the best the country, I would seriously recommend spending at least two weeks in this romantic country. As somewhat of an expert in touring the country, I recommend the following itinerary for a two week vacation around Italy.


  1. Start of in the Rome, the eternal city and see the breathtaking sights including the Spanish Steps, Vatican City, San Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain while shopping at the famous Via del Condotti. When you are based here in Rome, you can take a short day trip to Pompeii and see the ruins of the famous ancient city.
  2. After Rome, move on to Florence to take in the sights of a Renaisannce City. Michaelango’s David and the Duomo are just two must-visit sights here. Florence is also famous for its leather products so you might want to take a few souvenirs back. Spend a few days here so that you can travel up to Tuscany and stay at a cottage where you can take in the breathtaking sight of Lake Como.
  3. Now, you can travel from Florence to Verona. This is the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. Stepping into the city, you can already feel the romance in the air as you visit Juliet’s balcony.
  4. From Verona, you travel to the last stop which is Venice. The most famous city in all of Europe, Venice is unique in that there are no cars allowed within the city limits. Visit the St Mark’s Square, Bridge of Sighs and Grand Canal. Don’t forget to take back Moreno glassware for remembrance.

The above schedule is but a sample of what you can do in Italy. There are many resources on the Internet for you to plan your trip. I would recommend spending as much time on the internet to look at the various options before making the trip there. By doing this research, you are bound to save time and money when you finally make it there.