5 Beaches to Visit in Australia

Australia is best known for its beaches and you don’t even have to wonder why; because of the longest terrain covered with sand. The beaches are very clean and pollution free. Who doesn’t love beaches? Beaches are a getaway from the stress and enjoying quality time with yourself or family. Here are 5 beaches you must visit while in Australia.

1)    Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach, Sydney

The beach was the home of the world’s Surf Life Saving Club that was introduced over 100 years ago. The bathing suit protest was held here in the early 1900’s to make the bikini as the beach going attire. The south end of the beach is usually reserved for the surfboard riding.  Bondi Beach was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2008.

2)    Lizard Island, Queensland

Lizard Island, Queensland

The Island lies on the eastern part of the Great Barrier Reef. With small area of just over 1000 hectares, it is possible for Lizard Island to have 23 beautiful separate white beaches. The sand is soft to walk over and the water is as clear as crystal.

3)    Byron Bay Beach, New South Wales

Byron Bay Beach, New South Wales

From the hippy town in the olden days, Byron Beach has now converted itself into modern bars that have been popping up over the years.  It draws the attention of the surfers from across the globe. The walking tracks allow you to take a stroll on the beach at night while watching the stars.

4)    Mandalay Beach, Western Australia

Mandalay Beach, Western Australia

It lies amongst the foliage of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. It is one of the isolated beaches even though it contributes it beauty with its rocky Headland and Untamed wilderness.  The beach got its name through a Norwegian shipwreck – Mandalay – that was beached in 1911.

5)    75 – Mile Beach, Fraser Island

75 - Mile Beach, Fraser Island

At the various stretches of the beach, there is multi-coloured sand forming hues that range from white to dark orange. There are a large number of Tiger Sharks inhabiting on the shallow part of the beach, so, you have to look from the inland for them to be able to swim in the water. As the name says it, the coastline is at a stretch of 75 miles.